We are excited to officially launch brand-new job descriptions for ALL national volunteer roles and outline the process for how YOU can volunteer with Sigma Kappa. As we have shared throughout the summer Sigma Kappa's volunteer structure has been modified to support national council moving to a governance board. Click here for previously shared information on the volunteer structure and transition to governance.

To make the path to volunteering transparent, inclusive and more accessible to all of our members, anyone interested in serving in a nationally appointed volunteer position must follow the steps outlined below. Even if you are currently serving in a national volunteer role, you still need to take time to apply and interview for the roles that interest you. This approach gives opportunity for all members to be considered for volunteer positions. Our goals is that all members who want to volunteer find a meaningful role to connect and support our members, chapters and Sorority.

Not sure which role(s) you might be interested in? Read the job descriptions for more information here.

Step 1 - Update your volunteer interest form.

Step 2 - Once you have updated your volunteer interest form, you will receive a confirmation email within one to three days from Daina Knoblock, alumnae engagement manager, with a pre-screen form. The pre-screen form is where you will indicate your specific interest for roles, share more about yourself and why you're interested, and identify your preferences for scheduling interviews. The information will be shared with members of the personnel committee and interview team.

You've applied, now what?

    • All applications will be reviewed by Sigma Kappa’s newly appointed Personnel Committee. This committee of HR, hiring and non-profit professionals will review all applications and set-up interviews for all qualified candidates.  
      • Interviews will take place for four weeks following the application deadlines. Each interview will have two members of the personnel committee and one subject matter expert from the team (i.e., communication, alumnae, etc.) and should last 20-30 minutes.  

      • If you are interested in applying for more than one position (which is great!), you will only need to participate in ONE interview. It will be recorded and can be reviewed by the personnel committee to appoint multiple roles, teams, etc.  

      • Director roles will be interviewed first, followed by coordinators and ABSs/ advisory councils  

      • If a member is not selected for a director position, they can be considered for a coordinator/ABS/advisory council and not need to interview again.

      • After interviews have been completed for each segment of volunteers (directors, coordinators, ABS/advisory councils), the personnel committee will meet, review and send their list of recommendations to national council.  
      • National council will review the recommendationsvote on the appointments and then applicants will be notified.
    • The goal is for ALL nationally appointed volunteers will be appointed by January 1, 2022.

We are so excited to roll-out this new process to our members! If you have any questions, contact Daina Knoblock, alumnae engagement manager. 


Important Dates

  • August 30: Director applications due

  • September 15: Coordinator applications due

  • October 15: ABS/Advisory Council applications due


National Volunteer Opportunities

There are no records.

Advisory Board Supervisor Opportunities

*All Advisory Board Supervisor positions are available for the 2022 application, interview and appointment process. You can apply for an ABS role by completing your Volunteer Interest Form.
Other Volunteer Opportunities

Foundation Opportunities

Foundation District Director 8foundationadmin@sigmakappa.orgvolunteers@sigmakappa.org
Collegiate Philanthropy Supervisor 1foundationadmin@sigmakappa.orgvolunteers@sigmakappa.org
Collegiate Philanthropy Supervisor 2foundationadmin@sigmakappa.orgvolunteers@sigmakappa.org
Collegiate Philanthropy Supervisor 3foundationadmin@sigmakappa.orgvolunteers@sigmakappa.org
Collegiate Philanthropy Supervisor 4foundationadmin@sigmakappa.orgvolunteers@sigmakappa.org
Collegiate Philanthropy Supervisor 5foundationadmin@sigmakappa.orgvolunteers@sigmakappa.org
Collegiate Philanthropy Supervisor 6foundationadmin@sigmakappa.orgvolunteers@sigmakappa.org
Collegiate Philanthropy Supervisor 7foundationadmin@sigmakappa.orgvolunteers@sigmakappa.org